Tuesday, 15 March 2011

We are now back at La Maire again, after 3 hectic weeks in Maidenhead. We managed to decorate the hall, stairs and landing, as well as our bedroom, and get new carpets fitted all in time for Jean Paul's arrival last Wednesday.

It was Jean Paul's first ever visit to England and London, and he appeared to enjoy every minute. It was interesting for us to see what he found interesting about England! He loved the old phone boxes, the cottages in Bray, the pubs, Guiness, sticky toffee pudding and tube stations!
He even decided that English food is much better than French - and has clearly returned home a few pound heavier! He was an excellent guest to have - very appreciate and good fun. We all spoke a mixture of French and English - in fact Dave probably spoke more French last week than he has done since we arrived in France!!
It is good to be back at La Maire, and to finally be able to start decorating and finishing off the 'Pyrenees Suite'. It is forecast to be wet and windy this week, so ideal for indoor work. However it has been mild so the grass is already growing - it will soon be time to get the mower out again!

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