Sunday, 12 June 2011

12th June

Well, I spoke too soon! The thunder storms turned into about 2 weeks of unpredictable, wet and cool weather. So we had to delay the pool liner fitting yet again. The latest arrangement is for this Wednesday and the forecast is looking favourable -so we are crossing our fingers yet again!

The weather turned out to be too wet at times even for gardening so we have been finishing the Suite (see above) and also fitting the small bathroom suite in the attic. We have also set up my mountcutting table so I am back in action! It feels very satisfying to know that the house is just about completed for now. No doubt here will always be a few finishing touches needed, but for now we are happy to say it is finished!!

It was great to have Linda and Ivan here to stay for a few days this week (see photo above). We also had guests from Hemel Hempstead here for 3 nights. It was lovely to have a house full and we both really enjoyed all their company. It was a shame to weather wasn't a little warmer for some al fresco meals, but we did manage one lunch outside. It always surprises me just how much nicer food tastes out of doors.

We are being well looked after by Odile at the farm this week as well. They killed a few ducks just recently so we have been given one for the freezer - and were also shown the next lot of ducks coming along. They were just a few days old when we saw them - very sweet and fluffy!
Odile also gave us a bowl full of cherries from their tree and some delicious home-made pork pate. They really do treat us - we are lucky to have such good neighbours and I must bake a cake for them soon to say thankyou!

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