Saturday, 2 July 2011

2nd July

So - July has arrived! This was always our deadline to get everything completed in time for Mum and Dad, Clive and Sue and the girls arriving tomorrow - and of course Daniel as well. We have just about made it - just the grouting around the pool stones to finish, and banisters in the attic, otherwise we are all ready!!

Lucy and Andy arrived last week and joined us for a couple of lovely evenings with visitors Ceri and Peter. We then enjoyed a few days with Andy's family before they left on Thursday to travel on to Andorra and Spain. We now have our first French visitors here for a couple of nights - they stayed for dinner last night and we had a very enjoyable evening. Lucy is doing remarkably well with her French!!

The pool has been a real treat! A bit cold still at times but it soon warms up when we have some hot weather. Lucy has been in most mornings for a pre-breakfast swim!!

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