Sunday, 31 May 2015

May 2015

A very busy month with a visit to England and then planting, harvesting and cutting grass, 

We are still experimenting with the incubator, hoping to hatch a few more baby geese, but so far we have just the one! He(she?) seemed very lost and confused at first so Odile (our neighbour at the farm suggesting putting a couple of their ducklings in with him for company. That seemed to work well - he is now thriving and has gone to live with the ducks for a while, until he (hopefully!) gets some brothers and sisters. The recent batch of eggs are looking more hopeful!

We also had some very good news at the beginning of the month - Lucy and Andy have got engaged!

We were pleased to be able to celebrate with them during our visit back to England.

Because this month has been so busy - we each found we hadn't taken many photos, so have produced a joint album for May!

Our album for May

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