Monday, 9 August 2010

9th August 2010

Good news this week – we finally have a phone line! No internet as yet, but this is the first step, and it is good to be connected to the outside world!

The weather has been fantastic this weekend, so we have made the most of it, with a BBQ on Saturday evening, and a day out on the Plateau de Beille yesterday. The plateau is about 75 mins drive from here, the last 30 minutes being the climb up to the top. The plateau is a cross-country ski area in Winter, but is a wonderful area for walking in Summer, with views of the Pyrenees in all directions. Photos are above.

We also had our first dinner party on Friday evening, with Sue and Steve and Lisa and Neil (8 of us with the four of us!!) . It was a fun evening, and
I also made good friends with our new cooker!!

The patio slabs arrived on Wednesday, so that is another challenge for Daniel before he goes home in a week’s time. The first one took about 30 mins to lay and get level – but things are speeding up now. We have also started tiling the kitchen, and the future pool area and garden around it are all clear of weeds (for the time being.

Lucy’s boyfiend Andy arrives on Tuesday, so we will have a quieter week with some time out, and will hopefully finish the patio and kitchen.

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