Wednesday, 2 November 2022

October 2022

We don't have many photos this month as it has been fairly quiet and we also spent a very nice couple of weeks in England with the family. 
Its still very warm and dry so we haven't needed to light the boiler yet, which is just as well as wood granules have been in short supply so far. We drove back to England this time and happily just about times it either side of the fuel workers strike here, but we hear it was chaotic while it lasted
The above couple of photos are of the latest brolly decorations in Pamiers town centre, and another view from my favourite bike ride

Monday, 3 October 2022

September 2022


The days are drawing in now and mornings and evenings getting much cooler. The farmers have been busy preparing the fields for winter planting but the ground is still so dry that it has created clouds of dust!
The past few days have brought some rain though, so everything is starting to turn green again.

I spent a week back in Engand - mostly to look after Siena while Dan and Jess went to a wedding, and to give Jess a hand while Dan was on a residential assessment course to become a police dog-handler The visit co-incided with the Queen's death and funeral which meant that Dan also to work very long hours. As a result I didn't see much of him, but was able to give Jess a hand with the children.
Dan got the job as a dog-handler as well, which was great news. He will start that next year.

 It was good to see Lucy and Dad as well of course....but didnt see much of Andy as he got Covid!

Dave kept busy here with the garden and enjoyed the last few hot days of summer!

Lesley's photos
Dave's photos

Thursday, 1 September 2022

August 2022

 August has continued to be hot and sunny with very little rain, until Monday when a storm arrived with a vengeance!  We have had guests here in the suite for most of the month and we have spent most of the time trying to stay cool. We love the sun and the summer here, but day after day of temperatures over 30 degrees and nearing 40degrees can be very difficult
Here are a few photos of the month

Lesley's album
Dave's album

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

July 2022

 July has been hot hot hot!! Warm and sunny most of the time with a few episodes of extreme heat. This is probably the hottest summer we have experiences since living here. We really appreciate the pool of course, and the old old with thick walls and shutters does help to keep the heat out. Mornings and evenings are beautiful though.

Everything is dry here and its an effort to keep the veggie patch going, but the tomatoes are doing well. The freezer is slowly filling up with sauces and ratatouille.

Dave's knee hasn't been too good. We saw the surgeon today to get it checked - it looks like tendonitis so may take a while to get back to where he was. 

We have just managed another brief trip back to England to see the family - now August is busy with guests renting the suite.

Here are a few local photos from July

Sunday, 3 July 2022

June 2022

June has been a month for family and music! Lucy, Andy and Nala continued to enjoy some good weather while they were with us, then we followed them back to England for a week to welcome Daniel and Jess's little boy, Rafael, into the world - A gorgeous little brother for Siena!

We also enjoyed a trip to London with Lucy and Andy and friends June and Jim to see Queen and Adam Lambert in concert at the 02. This was a fantastic concert - a real spectacle of light and sound and quite an emotional occasion as well - they played all the old favourites and we feel sure Freddie would have approved!

Before going back to England we had a concert of our own which we were playing! The local community of St Victor Rouzaud held a day of volunteer work, finished off with a meal provided in the village hall. We were asked to perform with our friends - our first concert! It was great fun and we enjoyed a very appreciative audience!

Here are our photos for June
Dave's Album
Lesley's album

Friday, 3 June 2022

May 2022

 We have been enjoying some family visits recently. I went back to England for a few days before returning here with Dad who stayed with us for a week. Now Lucy, Andy and Nala are with us for a couple of weeks. They have all been very fortunate with the weather - lots of warm sunny days

Here are some photos of the month of May

Sunday, 8 May 2022

April 2022

 The wisteria has been superb this year - the best yet. Its been a busy month as usual but we don't have many photos! Will make up for it in May. I have just been back to England for a few days and Dad has flown back here with me for a weeks holiday. We brought the sunny UK weather back here with us so have been able to make the most of the garden. The pool is a bit chilly still at 20 degrees, but should warm up soon in this sunshine.

Here are a few photos of the month