Friday, 3 June 2022

May 2022

 We have been enjoying some family visits recently. I went back to England for a few days before returning here with Dad who stayed with us for a week. Now Lucy, Andy and Nala are with us for a couple of weeks. They have all been very fortunate with the weather - lots of warm sunny days

Here are some photos of the month of May

Sunday, 8 May 2022

April 2022

 The wisteria has been superb this year - the best yet. Its been a busy month as usual but we don't have many photos! Will make up for it in May. I have just been back to England for a few days and Dad has flown back here with me for a weeks holiday. We brought the sunny UK weather back here with us so have been able to make the most of the garden. The pool is a bit chilly still at 20 degrees, but should warm up soon in this sunshine.

Here are a few photos of the month

Wednesday, 6 April 2022

March 2022

 We have just returned from a very lovely family holiday in Cornwall. This was postponed from 2 years ago because of Covid, so we were very glad to be able to all meet up and enjoy a wonderful week together. We rented a house in Portreath overlooking the sea, which was perfect for our 4 generations!

Back in the Ariege, the weather had turned very cold over the weekend. We awoke on Sunday morning to this snow shower (above).

Before setting off on our holiday the weather was warm but very windy - very good for drying the washing - see above!

Here are our albums for March - mostly Cornwall this month!

Dave's album
Lesley's album

Tuesday, 8 March 2022

February 2022

The blog is a little late this month as I have just been back to England to spend a few days with the family. Dave stayed here to tend to the garden and prepare the vegetable plot. With the warm weather, everything needs doing all of a sudden, and of course the grass is growing again!

Dave has also finished constructing the new wooden deck outside the guest suite. It is bigger than the old terrace and a sunny spot for morning coffee

We have had an active month, making the most of some great weather.
We chose a sunny day to re-visit the disused marble mine at Uchentein, the other side of St Girons. A beautiful spot with fantastic views for a picnic, and not too long a walk for Dave's knee.

We also enjoyed a weekend staying with Richard and Yvett at their now house in the Aude. The weather was good again so we did an afternoon walk around the village of Bugarach. According to rumour, the unusual mountain there was to be the only safe place to be when the world was to end on 21st December 2012 and the village is now a popular destination for New Age travelers.
We also enjoyed a day in the sun on the Mediterranean coast near Leucate.

Another walk this month was along the mountainside above Luzenac in the Ax valley. We walked to the Chateau de Lordat which provided another great picnic spot.

I also enjoyed a day skiing with English friends in the little ski centre of Ascou-Pailheres which was great fun. 

Here are our albums for the month 
Dave's album

Lesley's album

Wednesday, 2 February 2022

January 2022


As can be seen from the above photos, we have had a lot of sunny but cold and frosty days here this month. Its a little cold for cycling but we have enjoyed a few short walks in the mountains to try out Dave's knee. The knee is coping reasonably well with walking but still gets very stiff and the flexion is still not good enough for it to be comfortable with every day activities. However we have been tidying the garden and Dave is slowly preparing the base for a new and larger wooden deck outside the guest suite. The wood should arrive today so we hope to have some photos next month

Here are our photos for this month
Dave's album
Lesley's album

Wednesday, 5 January 2022

December 2021

 We are back at home in France now after spending 3 weeks in England over Christmas that didn't exactly go as planned! Both Lucy and Jess went down with Covid 19 (almost certainly Omicron) the day after we arrived on 12th December. Before long Dave, Daniel and I all had it as well. I got away with it fairly lightly with a sore throat and headache but the others felt pretty rough for a week of more with very heavy cold symptoms. As a result we all self-isolated between their 2 houses and waited to see whether we would test negative in time for Christmas, and also whether Andy would succumb.
In the end Andy luckily escaped it and the rest of us were negative testing after the obligatory 7 days. 
We were pleased to be able to spend Christmas together and Dad was able to join us on Boxing Day for a couple of days. We extended our stay into the New Year so that we could do some of the things that we had planned to do in the week before Christmas, and also to be sure that the lab tests that were required before returning to France were negative. Luckily they were and we returned home on Sunday, on a very empty Eurotunnel train taking just 10 cars!

We now have to strictly quarantine at home until we can show (another !) negative test 2 days after arriving. We have had 3 visits by the gendarmes to ensure that we are complying and are now waiting for them to confirm that we can go usual the French legal jingo is so contradictory and confusing that not even the gendarmes know what we are supposed to be doing!!

So we are relieved to have survived this bout of Covid, even if it wasn't very pleasant and has scuppered lots of plans. We were glad to have had some protection from the vaccines even if it is somewhat reduced against Omicron. We certainly wouldn't have wanted to get a worse dose of the virus, thats for sure!

After a warm spell of weather while we were in England it has turned very cold here, but we are looking forward to getting out and about and finding some fresh snow to walk in.
Here are just a few photos from December - more next month.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year  - hoping for good things in 2022!

A few photos from December

Thursday, 2 December 2021

November 2021


It was good to find our way back up into the mountains this month as Dave's knee felt good enough for walking. We did a couple of morning walks on quite uneven ground so Dave did well! He still can't bend his knee as much as he would like to but the movement that he has is more comfortable. It was lovely to see the snow up there and the air was very clear.

The pool was looking very inviting when I took this photo - but the water was icy!

Here are our albums for this month
Dave's album
Lesley's album