Monday 31 May 2021

April and May 2021


We are squashing the last two months into one post as things have been a bit busy!

Dave had his knee replacement operation on 8th April and came home a couple of days later with lots of physio appointments booked. All went ok for the the first week or so, but then Dave noticed he was getting more pain and swelling in the knee. When he developed a temperature we decided to go to A&E to get him checked out.
To cut a long story short, Dave was re-admitted to hospital where they discovered infections (3 in fact!) in the joint. This is always a possibility with this operation but is still reasonably rare. It is however serious, so Dave was in for 12 days, had the joint 'cleaned' and was kept under observation while they discovered what the infections were and what treatment was needed. Not an easy 12 days!!

Dave is home now and half way through a 5 week course of strong antibiotics. So fat the signs are good - they appear to be working, he is feeling better and is back at daily physio sessions.
So we have been very busy - Dave getting better, and me.... carer, housekeeper, gardener, pool maintenance person, taxi driver, cook, cleaner etc etc!!

We have both been fully vaccinated now and things are opening up again in France - travel between the UK and France is continuing to be difficult though!

Here are a few photos from the past couple of months