Monday 3 October 2022

September 2022


The days are drawing in now and mornings and evenings getting much cooler. The farmers have been busy preparing the fields for winter planting but the ground is still so dry that it has created clouds of dust!
The past few days have brought some rain though, so everything is starting to turn green again.

I spent a week back in Engand - mostly to look after Siena while Dan and Jess went to a wedding, and to give Jess a hand while Dan was on a residential assessment course to become a police dog-handler The visit co-incided with the Queen's death and funeral which meant that Dan also to work very long hours. As a result I didn't see much of him, but was able to give Jess a hand with the children.
Dan got the job as a dog-handler as well, which was great news. He will start that next year.

 It was good to see Lucy and Dad as well of course....but didnt see much of Andy as he got Covid!

Dave kept busy here with the garden and enjoyed the last few hot days of summer!

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