Sunday 31 May 2015

May 2015

A very busy month with a visit to England and then planting, harvesting and cutting grass, 

We are still experimenting with the incubator, hoping to hatch a few more baby geese, but so far we have just the one! He(she?) seemed very lost and confused at first so Odile (our neighbour at the farm suggesting putting a couple of their ducklings in with him for company. That seemed to work well - he is now thriving and has gone to live with the ducks for a while, until he (hopefully!) gets some brothers and sisters. The recent batch of eggs are looking more hopeful!

We also had some very good news at the beginning of the month - Lucy and Andy have got engaged!

We were pleased to be able to celebrate with them during our visit back to England.

Because this month has been so busy - we each found we hadn't taken many photos, so have produced a joint album for May!

Our album for May

Friday 1 May 2015

April 2015

This month we have enjoyed visits from Lucy and Andy and Daniel - it was lovely to see them, and a good excuse for several more walks and 'being tourists'!! They were very lucky with the warm and sunny weather - ideal for walking and table tennis!
We also visited the underground river at Labouiche with Daniel, which was quite impressive. Photography was not allowed inside the caves so here is the website
Highly recommended for anyone visiting the Ariege, especially low-season when its reasonably quiet.

The garden is coming to life, and we are particularly pleased with the Wisteria which Dave planted last year and seems to be thriving on the front of the house

Here are our albums for April
Lesley's album
Dave's album