Friday, 11 June 2010

11th June

A month in the UK

We soon settled into life in Maidenhead again - after a less than perfect arrival! The journey through France to Calais was great - problem - but then we hit the M25...standstill traffic and torrential rain on a Sunday evening! To make matters worse, we went to Gatwick to collect Reggie (our Ford Ka - left there when Lesley last flew out to France in a hurry!), only to find that he had thrown a hissy fit and had a flat battery. However, a nice man with a van and jump leads was there in minutes and we were soon on the road.

It has been a busy month - we held an 'open week' for the pictures, which resulted in a lot of framing. Along with watercolour commissions, catching up with family and friends and generally sorting things out here, the month has flown by.

Dave and Daniel also went off to Morocco for 5 days on the 'Landrover Experience' trip which Daniel was lucky enough to win in a competition. They had an amazing time and Dave's photos can be seen at
Lots of sand and lots of cars!!

So we are now packing the car and trailer ready for our drive back to La Maire on Sunday. We are looking forward to some warm, sunny weather - but might have to wait a while for that as the forecast is for rain over the next week! Oh well, we will just have to crack on with the bathroom and the decorating!!