Wednesday 1 June 2016

May 2016

The arrival of Summer is teasing us this year - we have had some wonderfully warm sunny days as well as some cold, wet and windy ones. Its always a busy time of year for the garden and hatching of baby geese. Our geese are good at laying eggs, but not at sitting on them and it doesn't help that the 3 females have decided to share one nest! Dave has managed to hatch 8 babies in the incubator, so they are all at different stages of growth and are gradually being introduced to the outside world and the adult geese, who are not immediately accepting of them!

I have been in England for a while this month, so Dave has been holding the fort here! We have had several guests, some of whom were brave enough to use the pool the other day when it reached 22 deg!  Dave also had his first dip of the year!

We chose a beautiful day for another walk up to the Etang d'Izourt, an artificial lake high in the mountains. There are a couple of memorials by the lake for 31 members of the construction team building the reservoir in 1939, most of them Italian. They were killed by severe weather and an avalanche which swept into the stone huts that they were living in on the site. 

Just this one album from us both this month