Saturday 4 December 2010

4th December

We arrived back at Priors Way safely on Thusday evening after an interesting drive through a very cold and snowy France. The country was blanketed in snow from the Dordogne northwards, but thankfully there was not too much of it so we were able to keep going at a reasonable speed. The photo above shows the worst bit - blizzard conditions for an hour or so!
After a slight delay at the tunnel we hit Kent with trepidation, having heard about the chaos on the M20 and M25 over the past few days. However the entire population of south east England appeared to have gone into hibernation - we have never seen the M25 so empty (see night photo above), or had such an easy drive to Maidenhead from Dover. We were very thankful to get home to a warm house, cold beer and hot pizza - and Daniel!