Monday 17 May 2010

May 16th

Mixed up weather!!

Well - the first week in May saw the return of Winter! As the weather became progressively colder and wetter, we decided to start up the boiler again - just as well we did, as heavy rain turned to snow - on the very day of Mum and Dad's arrival!! Apparently snow only falls in May about every 20 years in this part of the Ariege, so it has taken everyone by surprise and has created a topic for conversation amongst the neighbours!

So Mum and Dad were not able to see our little corner of France at its best on arrival, but appreciated the warmth and comfort provided by the effective heating system and huge radiators at 'La Maire'. We had spent the previous weekend putting the finishing touches to their room with great satisfaction - the first guest room to be completed!

The rain and cold persisted for the next couple of days, but then we were able to enjoy a few days of warmer sunshine. Mum and Dad were a huge help with painting, gardening and other jobs around the house, but we also found time to explore the area, visiting Pamiers, Foix market, and aslo did a couple of local walks. Mum and Dad also treated us to a delicious meal at 'Auberge Pierre Bayle' in the hilltop village of Carla Bayle (see phots above). We had a table by the window with superb views of the surrounding countryside, delicious food - and a charming waiter! A lovely evening.

Dave (now fully recovered) continued working in the new bathroom, slowly but surely making progress with the mass of pipework and joints required to link it in to the system!

Just after Mum and Dad returned home, Daniel and Richard returned from their (successful this time!) drive to Morocco, and stayed with us for a couple of nights before driving the final leg home.

Dave and I are also now back in Maidenhead for a few eeks, returning to 'La Maire' around the middle of June