Wednesday 3 July 2019

June 2019

Last week saw the highest temperature that we have recorded at La Maire - 40.9 deg C. We luckily didn't have it as hot as some parts of France. We love the sun and the warmth but that was a bit extreme! Temperatures are more back to normal now. We have Lucy and Andy staying with us for a couple of weeks with Nala so we are enjoying a bit of a holiday ourselves as well.

The strawberry crop has been excellent this year but other crops are taking a while to get going. We have covered the vegetable patch with mulch as much as possible as that does help to keep in the moisture and prevent the weeds.

Dave has bought a rigid kayak for fishing on the lakes here. No fish on the first exploratory outing - but Dave is confident that it won't be long before we have fish for dinner!

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