Wednesday 3 August 2016

July 2016

July is always a busy month with lots of guests, the village fete, and plenty to do in the garden.

The village fete fell on the same weekend as the Pamiers 'Fiesta'. They had some big names lined up for concerts this year, including 'Johnny Hallyday'....who is getting on a bit (for a singer!) but is still a big name in France and the concert attracted a lot of visitors to the town, including some who stayed with us.

The weather has been mostly hot and sunny, but with a few wet days in between, so it hasn't been easy for the farmers to find suitable days for harvesting the barley. More barley is being grown than anything else this year. The fields look lovely when its all cut and baled up. 

We enjoyed another lovely meal at the Auberge Pierre Bayle in Carla Bayle for our Wedding Anniversary, and also found time for a walk up to a very pretty lake. 

All can be seen in our albums!

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