Tuesday 2 August 2022

July 2022

 July has been hot hot hot!! Warm and sunny most of the time with a few episodes of extreme heat. This is probably the hottest summer we have experiences since living here. We really appreciate the pool of course, and the old old with thick walls and shutters does help to keep the heat out. Mornings and evenings are beautiful though.

Everything is dry here and its an effort to keep the veggie patch going, but the tomatoes are doing well. The freezer is slowly filling up with sauces and ratatouille.

Dave's knee hasn't been too good. We saw the surgeon today to get it checked - it looks like tendonitis so may take a while to get back to where he was. 

We have just managed another brief trip back to England to see the family - now August is busy with guests renting the suite.

Here are a few local photos from July