Thursday 9 March 2017

February 2017

We just have these few photos for February rather than the usual albums. We will make up for it this month! We have either been away visiting family in England or very busy here looking after the house and garden, getting ready for Spring - or the weather has been wet! In fact we have only had a couple of wet days, but when it rains it really rains! The Spring has been very mild so far and there is still very little snow on the mountains compared to usual.

The first photo above was taken on a walk near the village and the last 3 from a mountain walk. There were patches of snow around but not enough to need our snow shoes. It was beautiful up there in the sun

We have just returned from a week in Malaga. Daniel and Jess have returned from their 8 months travelling and were staying there with Jess's parents - we were very pleased to be invited to join them and had a great time.