Saturday 26 February 2011

27th February

From the recent 'blog' photos, it looks as though we have been leading a life of leisure this month! In some ways we have - we have just returned from a very fun week skiing in Andorra with friends June, Jim, Carol and Roger. We were lucky with the weather - a mixture of sun, cloud and a little bit of fresh snow, which was particularly wonderful for a day. Snowfall has been somewhat lacking in Andorra this season, but the slopes are very well maintained and there are plenty of snow cannon to maintain coverage. Pistes are wide and open and the scenery is superb. Whats more - it is cheap, and the choice of apres ski entertainment is excellent. We came off the pistes most afternoon to rest our aching muscles in the nearest bar aided by mulled wine and beer - and some really excellent live music.

Work at La Maire is also progressing well. We have finished the attic floor and Dave has almost finished installing the little bathroom suite up there. Also - the the door to the 'Pyrenees Suite' has finally been fitted (see above), so we can now finish painting, putting a floor down and furnishing. We aim to have it all finished by May!!

However, we are now back in England for a couple of weeks, decorating the house here and doing some last picture framing before we take the equipment to France in April. It is good to see signs of Spring in the garden and feel some warmth in the sun

Monday 7 February 2011

7th February

We returned to La Maire today after 5 very enjoyable and restful days in the UK. It was a flying visit, but good to be able to meet up with our niece Caroline who has been over from Sydney travelling for a month - and of course to have some time with Daniel and Lucyand Mum and Dad. We all spent a lovely couple of days in Cheltenham and then took Caroline back to Maidenhead for a day, managing to fit in a blustery afternoon mingling with the tourists in Windsor before all travelling off in different directions and leaving Daniel in charge of the house again!

We had a good flight back today - no complaints with Easyjet lately! And I have to say it is nice to see the sun again - 17 degrees this afternoon!