Tuesday 28 February 2023

February 2023

 Lucy, Andy and Nala came to see us this month! 😃 They wanted to get in a few days skiing so booked a hotel in El Tarter for 3 nights. I joined them for 2 of the days. The first day brought a bit of fresh snow which was very welcome. The skiing was good but it was very cold - seats indoors for lunch were very hard to find! The following days were bright and sunny so they were able to make the most of the skiing.

I also enjoyed a short walk one day in the snow in the mountains with Jean Paul - it was really warm in the sun. 
Temperatures also reached 17 degrees at home for a few days so we could eat outside at lunchtime and make some progress with jobs in the garden. It has now turned very cold again  - we even had a dusting of snow here yesterday morning.

After struggling with his new knee since last June due to a cyst, Dave is now back on his e-bike so we have enjoyed a few local rides when the weather has been less cold. He has also seen an osteopath who has given him some exercises to help with the flexibility as he is still finding walking up and down slopes in particular very difficult. Hopefully he will soon by good for some more mountain walking!

Here are our photos for this month

Friday 10 February 2023

January 2023


A rather late blog entry this month! January was a month of 2 halves - very mild, then very cold!
We have continued to tidy the garden and have enjoyed a few bike rides when it hasn't been too cold for our hands, and have also enjoyed a music day with our friends and a weekend staying with Richard and Yvett.

Here are a few photos for January