Tuesday 1 July 2014

June 2014

June began with a most enjoyable family reunion and holiday in Devon. It was lovely to get everyone together and to re-visit North Devon.
Friends and neighbours very kindly looked after the geese here and watered the veggies in our absence. Both here and in the UK everything seems to be thriving in the warm sunshine and heavy downpours. 

Now in our 5th year here, the garden is definitely looking more like a garden than a field, and the vegetable patch is working better every year - but there is always something new to learn and experiment with.
This year we have discovered chard - easy to grow and very tasty with onions, garlic and pine-nuts!!

June marks the beginning of the Summer party season, with live music and village fetes.
Mid-summers day is the 'fete de la musique' all over France. This year it happened to be a warm and sultry evening so people turned out in their droves to listen to whatever live music happened to be on offer.

Here are our albums for this month