Friday 1 March 2024

February 2024

 Blue sky and snowy mountains! One of several beautiful days here in February, but we have also had a lot of rain which we do need. It has rained in the mountains as well which hasn't been too good for the ski resorts, but the last couple of days have brought some much needed snow.

Dave has been in England for a while this month, looking after Dan and Jess's dog this time while they were away. Its my turn to go back and visit the family this week

Here are a few photos from this month

Saturday 3 February 2024

January 2024

Just a brief post this month, with these 3 photos above. The weather has been quite cold at night, but very warm at times during the day, incredibly warm for January. We have enjoyed a few bike rides (see above). The second photo is of the village of Camon from the voie verte (Green way), and the third is of Jean Marc playing locally with jazz group Olive and Swing.

Dave has been in England for a while looking after Lucy and Andy's dog while they were away, but is home again now and we are busy tidying the garden (as usual!) before everything starts to grow.

We have had a busy month in fact, with 2 lots of guests in the suite, dinner and a music session with our music friends, as well as evenings with other friends.....and old friends back to visit for a while.

I also attended the annual New Year drinks and lunch party in the village while Dave was in England. For a small commune there is always a good turnout and it was good to meet some new people.


Wednesday 3 January 2024

December 2023

 We have just returned home after a lovely couple of weeks celebrating Christmas and the New Year with the family....only Nala is out of shot in the above photo!
The first 2 photos were taken on a cold but sunny morning here in December.
Wishing all our blog followers a very 
                                                             Happy New Year