Sunday 18 March 2012

March far!

A wet Sunday afternoon here, and Dave is watching the Grand Prix highlights - so time for a blog update!

We returned to La Maire on 2nd March with Daniel and Lucy and were lucky enough to have a warm and sunny day-warm enough for an al fresco lunch! We spent the following day (Daniel's birthday) in the mountains. The mist on the Col de Port slowly cleared so we were able to 'climb a mountain' in the sun after a picnic in the car.
We then spent 4 wonderful days skiing in Soldeu with our fair share of sunshine and a few centimetres of fresh snow- as well as bitterly cold temperatures in the wind.

On our return we were all invited to dinner at the farm. The meal was excellent - mostly produce from the farm and beautifully cooked. They were great company - and we even had some live entertainment - a cow up at the farm was about to give birth so it was relayed onto the TV so they could keep an eye on it. The calf turned out to be a very large male so the men had to make a quick dash up there to help out - the French men, that is!! Mother and baby were both fine!

The skiing season doesn't last for long - so last week we were pleased to be able to spend a couple more days at Soldeu, with friends Melanie and Steve this time. The weather had turned from winter to spring in a matter of days - so variable snow conditions, but plenty of opportunities for refreshments in the sun!

Other events this month....
Last weekend Dave was invited to go wood chopping with Denis and some of the other farmers. They started at 8am with coffee and doughnuts, had a break mid-morning for baguettes, saucisson, cheese, wine etc, then returned to the farm for a slap-up lunch at 2pm. It was also very hard work (apparently!) so Dave was not really on top form for the dance club party and dinner that we had arranged to go to that evening - however, a glass of sangria and a bit more food soon perked him up!

Yesterday evening we joined friends at a bar in Pamiers yesterday in celebration of St Patricks day. Friends' sons Tristan and Alex performed and Tristan led a sing-a-long of some Irish songs (helped by Dad Neil!).
Local 'celebrity' 'Buffalo Bill' soon joined in playing the spoons - great fun was had by all!

Other news - Dave has cut the grass - twice!! .....and he has got his shorts out!