Wednesday 1 April 2020

When I sent out the blog update and photos at the beginning of March, I don't think any of us expected the chaos that has engulfed the world over these past few weeks. 

I felt very fortunate to have been able to spend a few days in England with the family at the beginning of March. Covid 19 was already spreading and the first few cases had arrived in the UK. Each one was big news then! Then a week after I returned home, the whole of France was in shutdown - about a week before the UK. 
The rules are very strict here - we can only leave our homes for a few reasons, and each time we do so we must complete and sign a government form outlining the reason for going out. There are regular police check and fines if you don't comply.

We are very fortunate here to have the space and countryside on the doorstep, but we are not venturing further afield than the bottom of the lane unless its for shopping. No-one is permitted to go out further than 1km from home for exercise.
We have however been very busy. The garden has never looked so tidy in the Spring and the vegetable patch is relatively weed-free and ready for planting. Dave has already planted the potatoes and onions and has also been potting up seeds. It has been mostly warm and sunny apart from the last few days when Winter temperatures returned for a while. It even snowed on Tuesday.

We are also spending time on our music and I always have a painting on the go. 
I am enjoying Lucy's 'living-room' dance lessons (see Lucy Cooper Linedance' on youtube) and we have regular internet chats and quizzes with friends and family. 

Here are our few photos for this month. 
We wish good health to everyone and hope that things will be on the up-turn in a months time

Dave's album
Lesley's album