Friday, 2 October 2020

September 2020

 September has not been the month that we expected at the beginning of the year. Lucy and I were due to fly to Australia for my niece's wedding, but along with many other events this year, it has been postponed until next Summer. Here in France Covid cases are rising, but mostly in the large cities, so life in the Ariege goes on more or less as normal. 

We have had some beautiful weather, right up until this last week ,when it has changed quite dramatically over a few days. The mountains have seen the first snow of the season and we have lit the boiler. We have enjoyed a couple of walks in the mountains on sunny days but were surprised how busy it is everywhere. It seems the French are having local days out rather than travelling further afield for holidays at the moment.

A little owl fell down our chimney a couple of weeks ago and got stuck on a ledge half way down. He couldn't get back up again so Dave removed the cooker hood and tried to coax him down. After 3 days he finally flew down into the kitchen and we were able to let him outside. I was playing my guitar at the time so like to think that encouraged him down!! He seemed none the worse for wear after his ordeal and Dave got a photo of him flying by the pool

Our photos for the month are here...

Dave's album

Lesley's album