Tuesday 3 November 2020

October 2020


France is back in lock-down, followed rapidly by the UK! Number of Covid-19 cases have continued to rise rapidly and even the Ariege is seeing many more than in the Spring. However the public seems less accepting than before and the town seemed as busy as a normal day when I went shopping yesterday. Until police patrols are set up again the French (on the whole!) will probably not be very obedient.
I have just been back to England to see the family so timed it well

We had a fair amount of rain in October, interspersed by some lovely sunny days as well. The mountains have looked lovely with the first snow of the season. 

We have been out on our bikes - I have an new electric bike which is perfect for the hills around her. Now Dave is struggling to keep up with me!

We have also enjoyed a few meals with friends, both at home and at some restaurants that we hadn't tried before - all excellent and its been good to make the most of these evenings while we can 

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