Sunday, 19 February 2012

19th February 2012

Ax les Thermes

After another heavy snowfall here on Tuesday morning, temperatures started rising and the thaw was on the way, much to everyone's relief! By Thursday most of the snow had disappeared.

On Friday afternoon we had a lovely drive up to Ax les Thermes. Snowfall had been much heavier up there and it looked beautiful in the sun. We had arranged to meet Jean Paul and Magali at the Thermal baths - a new experience for us! We enjoyed two hours of relaxation in water ranging from 33 - 38 degrees. There is a large roman style indoor bath with water jets and jacuzzis, as well as panoramic outdoor pools. We even tried the 'caldarium' (very hot water) and 'vaporarium' (steam room) ......but drew the line at the 'frigidarium' after dipping a toe in!!!
We stopped at a restaurant for a pizza on the way home - so a perfect afternoon!

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  1. Oh, I am so envious of your visit to the thermal baths. I went to one in Austria years ago and loved it, especially in an outdoor pool at night!