Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March 2014

This month we enjoyed a couple of weeks of wonderful sunny and warm weather.
The mountains are still covered in snow so we decided to do something that we have been considering for some time - we bought some snow shoes!
Contrary to our expectations, they were very easy to get used to and we managed a climb to the top of Mont Fourcat with friends. It was a slightly hazy day and very cold in the wind, but still a great experience - you can see some photos in our albums.
We enjoyed the experience so much that we tried another walk a couple of days later - this was in much warmer sunshine and our legs were still quite tired so we didn't get as high or as far, but enjoyed some more fantastic views.

Our other main news this month is that the geese are sitting on their eggs, so with any luck we might get some little goslings in a few weeks time. In fact one has already hatched - but from one of the goose eggs which we gave to our neighbours at the farm - they put them in their ducks' nest, and one has hatched. The mother duck and baby ducklings seem quite happy with the intruder and the gosling has settled in happily.

Here are our albums for the month

Lesley's album

Dave's album

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