Sunday, 22 August 2010

23rd August 2010

Here you are Brian - a photo just to prove that Dave is doing some work as well!

We finally celebrated completion of the patio this week (photos above!) - and toasted all Daniel's hard work! We finished the pointing after several aborted attempts as we couldn't find a mortar that we were happy with! However, all looks lovely now,and will look even better when Dave has finished the little wall along the back edge - and a bit of greenery has had a chance to grow!
The weather is also now very hot and sunny, so we have enjoyed several dinners on the terrace overlooking the valley - lovely!

We have also ordered a pool this week - a kit pool, which we fit ourselves, but have a man to come and dig the hole, then the manufacturers come to fit the liner in the Spring. We have decided to locate it at the bottom of the back garden which gets all day sunshine, and overlooks the valley (just behind Dave in the photo!) - so we will look forward to that next year!

The house has seemed very quiet this week after Lucy and Andy and then Daniel left! However, it has been great to have Broadband here at last and be able to chat on Skype.

The dry and hot weather has meant that the grass is growing more slowly and gives the mower a bit of a break - but why do the weeds grow faster than ever?!! We are also discovering that courgettes and runner beans love the climate - so if any of you are hoping to visit us next year - I hope you like green beans and ratatouille as the freezer is full of both!!.....oh and plum crumble!

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