Thursday, 10 December 2009

Friday 4th December

Wet weather - and a very pleasant evening!

Wind and rain all day today - but the countryside still looks lovely!

We started painting the hall - and were pleased to be making some progress, however small. There will be a lot to do next year, both inside and outside the house. Every room will benefit from some decoration - we will need to fit 2 bathrooms and convert the garage into a guest ensuite - along with building a balcony, patios, tidying up the land and putting in a pool. Dave keeps adding 'new jobs' to his list. However we are very relieved that the house is very comfortable for us as it is, and it will be a pleasure spending time here while we do the work. The majority of the work will be outside - lots of dismantling and clearing of old farm buildings, before we can even think about landscaping a beautiful garden - but we will get there!!

We are enjoying our wonderful and very efficient wood-chip boiler - see photo.
However, we are also discovering that the boiler will keep us fit. It requires about 8 - 10 bucketfuls every day at this time of year - and the pile of woodchips are down the lane in the barn!! With no wheelbarrow at present, this means several trips a day each to keep it running....will have to look into that!!
In the evening, we recieved a kind invitation for drinks by Lucy and David Brooke at 'Le Chateau'. They had also very thoughtfully invited some other neighbours, Olivier and Marielle from the mohair farm next door, and Neil and Lisa Anslow, who also live in the village, along with 'le maire' and his wife. It was wonderful to be made to feel so welcome and also to discover that we have such lovely friendly neighbours.

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