Thursday, 10 December 2009

Wednesday 2nd December

Settling in

Wednesday dawned cloudy, but by lunchtime, it was beautifully warm and sunny, so we were able to admire the surrounding countryside in all its glory! Spent a few hours measuring up and exploring (again!) but also found time for a coffee in the garden, accompanied by our neighbours' friendly dog!!
We met Moise Prax, the farmer who runs the farm behind us, and his son. We also went for a walk up above the farm and met a man out hunting - who somehow seemed to know exactly who we were!! Feeling very welcome already!

We are loving the peace and quiet of this lovely area. It is so very tranquil - the nights are very dark and very silent - and by day, all we can hear are the birds, cockrels, dogs from the farm, and occasionally the tractors. It is lovely to be out in the country but not to feel at all isolated - with the farms around, there is always something going on, people to say ''bonjour' to and activities to watch

More photos of our stay can be seen here

After a few glasses of wine in the evening, Dave started ripping the hall apart - renovation has started in earnest!

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