Thursday, 10 December 2009

Saturday and Sunday 5th - 6th December

We woke up to a beautiful red sunrise - so dashed up to the living room to take some photos.

The men at the farm down the road were just setting off hunting. Jeannine Prax told us on Sunday that they were hunting for wild boar, and that Dave would be very welcome to join them next time....maybe next year!!

The weather continued to improve over the course of the weekend - very calm and warm with plenty of sunshine. Sue and Steve visited us on Saturday morning (our first visitors!), and we also met them in Foix in the evening for a delicious meal at 'Gaia', run by an English/Australian couple. Had the most incredibly tender steak - and tarte tatin exactly as it should be made!

I also went cycling for an hour - Dave was busy chopping a wooden support into shape for a beam in one of the outhouses. Cycling was all either very much downhill or very much uphill - but good fun and amazing views. The weather had cleared enough to be able to see the whole range of the Pyrenees - with more snow on top after yesterdays rain - beautiful!!

On Sunday, we went up to the mohair farm to see Olivier and Marielle - and to have a look in their shop. See for more information. Olivier also took us up to see the goats, which are very pretty and very sweet - I never thought I would say that about a goat!!. The goats are shorn at the farm, the wool is sent away to be treated and made into the lovely products which they then sell back at the farm. It really is beautiful wool, and in such a huge range of colours.

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