Thursday, 10 December 2009

Tuesday 1st December

Signing the Acte Authentique

We all met at the notaire's office in Varihles. Before going any further, we went through the proceedure to change our marriage contract under French law - so that we own everything jointly instead of half each - seems to make sense!!

We went through all the legal documents, with Sue ensuring that we understood everything that we were signing. The land searches had brought up nothing of concern - except perhaps that light aircraft from Pujols airfield might need to land in St Victor Rouzaud if they were unable to land at Pujols for any reason. Apparently this has never happened, but we were happy to be made aware of it!

Before leaving, David Prax presented us with a wonderful tray of goodies prepared by his aunt - see above!
We then set off with the keys in hand for 'La Maire' - 'our house'!! After exploring the house and grounds for the first of many times during the coming week, we unloaded the car and set up our little cosy-corner for the next few days - a table and chairs, table lamp, and a few essentials for the kitchen...and lilo and duvet in one of the bedrooms! Bubbly and pizzas for dinner...and very pleased to be in such a warm and cosy house which feels so friendly and welcoming in spite of the current lack of furniture!!

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