Thursday, 22 July 2010

20th July

20th July 2010

The other excitement this week involved the tour de France stage which started from Pamiers yesterday. We set off from here on our bikes at 8.00am and cycled down into Pamiers to see where the race was to start in the large square. There was a lot going on – people, noise, publicity etc… we wandered around for a bit, then cycled off to a quieter part of the town to watch the publicity procession, which was fun, and we picked up a few freebies – hats, fridge magnets, snacks etc!! We then cycled back over the hill to the corner near our village where the race was passing. A lot of local friends were there, so we had a chat and then found a good spot on the corner to wait for the cyclists. It was very exciting when they finally appeared - they flew along the flat straight towards us and then went by in an instant. I have to say I have never experienced a sporting occasion quite like it – hugely exciting and exhilarating while it lasted – but was over in a flash – then we all went home!!Dave and I picked Lucy up from the airport on Monday evening, so it is now very good to all have some time here together.

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