Thursday, 22 July 2010

July 2010

July at La Maire

July and August are the months in the Ariege when ‘it all happens’!!

The weather is beautiful, apart from the odd day when the cloud drifts across from the mountains and cools down the temperature a bit. Although very hot for attempting any kind of physical activity, there is always a welcome breeze, and it has been very pleasant sitting in the garden in the shade – however we don’t seem to get the opportunity to do that very often at the moment!! This is also the season for fetes and festivals. The Pamiers ‘Latino’ festival was on last weekend, along with the fete at St Victor Rouzaud, our village. This is the local annual event of the year, lasting 3 days, starting with the ‘mousse’ (foam) party on the Saturday evening. Dave, Daniel and I wandered down there to join in with the festivities. There was a complete mix of people there – families with young children, teenagers from surrounding local villages, and a few other English families. We met up with friends Lisa and Neil, and were also pleased to meet Sara and Jeff, and Jo and Chris – us girls all decided to give the foam a go - very slimy and wet – but good fun (see photo!) !! Sunday activities included the church service and some family sporting activities, then there was a meal and dancing on the Monday. However, we were busy on the Sunday and picked Lucy up from the airport on Monday evening, so were not able to join in – next year however is in the diary!!

As for work at our house – Dave and Daniel have made great progress with the patio and at the time of writing, the base is ready for the stone slabs, which will arrive next week. The garden is under control, and the new bathroom is very near completion – we fitted the shower door yesterday, so all we need to do now is paint the floor and add the finishing touches.The new cooker also arrived today!!

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