Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sunday 11th July

So its back to France on Tuesday for me! It has been a busy couple of weeks catching up with work and keeping the pots watered!! A heatwave in Maidenhead comes as quite a shock after the last couple of years! It is good to have Lucy home for the holidays as well and she will join us in France the following week.

Dave and Daniel have started work on the terrasse at La Maire - not the best job for the height of Summer, so they are finding alternative and less energetic jobs for the afternoons. I am looking forward to seeing the changes....and the (almost!) finished bathroom!

The Tour de France will start at Pamiers on Monday 19th July. The route takes them very close to St Victor Rouzaud, so we plan to go and cheer them on. If any of you watch it, we plan to wait on a long bend just after the village of Escosse, which is only a few km after the start.
We will wave, so if you spot us, be sure to wave back!!

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